Teaching Kids For Life Philosophy

Teaching Kids for Life was created in January 2017 from a passion to put the fun back into parenting in both the good and difficult moments and seasons of parenting. The Tree of Life is Love, anchored in connection, healthy limits and boundaries, which produces flourishing arms of resilience, responsibility, respect, courage, empathy, fun and further meaningful connection.

About Teaching Kids For Life Parenting Courses & Support

Teaching Kids For Life offer:

  • Tools to build Core Strength for every parent

  • Empowerment for parents with practical skills for everyday life and situations

  • Tools to raise resilient, responsible, respectful, Children and adolescents.

  • Flexible Tailored programs to suit your families or organisations needs

  • Online and In-person Parenting Courses

  • Private and group Parent Counselling and Parent Coaching



The course is a useful tool for leaders and employers to develop a culture of value amongst the people in their organisation where personal responsibility and healthy connections are the hallmark.

This course will also empower employee’s and volunteers working with children and adolescents with practical tools, words, and phrases to establish limits and behaviour that is respectful, responsible while maintaining great connection.

A service and program to facilitate positive change in relationships and behaviors in individuals, organisations, workplace leaders and families.


Our Beliefs

  • Our family of origin, or present circumstances doesn’t dictate the parent you can become today and in the future.
  • There is always a way through, you are able to move forward and heal broken relationships.
  • Parenting in the good times and the hard times can successfully be navigated through with powerful connection.
  • We cannot control our kids choices but we can powerfully control ourselves, and allow our kids to learn from their mistakes.
  • We are able to facilitate our childrens’ ability to make powerful choices to act responsibly and develop resilience -Love and Logic™
  • When we work out and solve all of our children’s problems, they become doubtful, anxious and defensive. When we guide them toward solving their own problems, they become resilient, confident and responsible.
  • Empathy opens the heart and mind to learn while anger and frustration builds a wall of defence -Love and Logic™