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What is a Parenting Course going to do for me?

  • Have more fun and enjoy your kids
  • Have kids who are less anxious and more resilient
  • Have skills to deal with resistance, protest, complaining and defiance
  • Live in a family where children are more respectful and responsible
  • Greater connection and meaningful conversations with your teenager
  • Have respectful conversations
  • Greater connection, safety and respect amongst your children
  • Take out some of the stresses of parenting
  • Sibling rivalry, Rudeness, disrespect, Chaotic morning or evening routine, Meltdowns, physical outbursts, destroying possessions and property, Defiance, Anxiety, school refusal, bullying and Screen time disrespect and addiction.

Parenting Course will:

  • Define self and values. Grow in self-efficacy.
  • Become strong with your true self -to be a loving and healthy parent leader.
  • Learn tools that empower you to be a strong loving leader
  • Increase capacity and resilience for you and your children
  • Increase opportunities for connection and fun with yourself and your children

For who:

  • Parent(s) who are wanting a peaceful happy home and have more fun parenting
  • Parents who are wanting more constructive, reasonable conversations with their children/teenagers and less conflict.
  • Parents wanting to work constructively through tricky conversations and conflict
  • Parents wanting to develop strong healthy boundaries and feel more respected
  • Parents wanting strategies to deal with anxiety

Parenting Courses are Ideal for Parents struggling with:

  • Feeling confused, lost, or disempowered
  • Shame, fear, and anxiety
  • Triggering from past experiences-childhood or other
  • Enmeshment or codependency
  • Lack of identity
  • Reduced emotional or physical capacity
  • Dissociation and complex trauma


    Common Issues Parents Face

    • Do you struggle with argumentative, whining kids or disrespectful teens?

    • How would you like to de-escalate the tension with one line?

    • Are you exhausted and frustrated with getting the kids to bed at night?

    • Would you like to you enjoy your ‘me time’ earlier in the evening feeling more relaxed?

    • Do you feel like a slave or doormat with your children/young adult?

    • How would you like to have a reasonable discussion with your teenager about chores, technology, drugs, vaping or alcohol.

    • How would you like to have conversations with your teenager without yelling, avoidance and disrespect?

    Parenting Programs are great for:

    • Families who want to enhance what is already working.
    • Families who may want to be better equipped and upgrade their skills for the teenage, adolescent years.
    • Parents who are stuck.
    • Parents who may need additional support for their children with special needs, anxiety, or coping with extra stressful circumstances.
    • The program is also suitable for families who experience aggressive, challenging and defiant behaviour.

    Christine is passionate and has personal experience working with varied parents and families

    The Online Parenting Program – “River of Hope” brings a two-fold process of parents becoming strong confident leaders, becoming powerfully healthy with setting limits and boundaries, whilst building strong habits of self-care and well-being to tolerate distress and disengage from anxiety, protest and arguments.

    • We cannot control our kids choices but we can powerfully control ourselves, and allow our kids to learn from their mistakes
    • We are able to facilitate our childrens’ ability to make powerful – choices to act responsibly and develop resilience
    • Empathy opens the heart and mind to learn while anger and frustration builds a wall of defence
    • When we solve all of our children’s problems, they become anxious, agitated and defensive. When we guide them toward solving their own problems, they become resilient, confident and responsible.

    ‘How would you like to end protests with one line?’

    “How would you like to or what would it be like for you to have a reasonable discussion with your teenager about chores, technology, drugs, vaping and alcohol.”

    “How would you like to have conversations with your teenager without yelling, avoidance and disrespect?”

    ‘Teaching Kids For Life’ Mission & Purpose


    To empower parents with hope by: Strengthening their true self – Building ongoing capacity, to be confident in every season.


    Christine Battams gives parents who feel: stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, proven practical tools to become:
    – A confident and strong parent leader
    – Creating opportunities for connection and fun with themselves and their children

    Christine Battams has over 28 Years experience teaching kids

    Put simply, every parent should complete this workshop with Christine.
    I came to Christine – lost, exhausted, and all out of ideas on how to best support my son whilst he was facing a range of challenges. Every night I was enduring hours of protests, bedtime refusal, and emotional outbursts just to complete our regular routine of brushing our teeth and going to bed. I was then again met with the same level of meltdown every morning when having to get up and get ready for school. I was full of anxiety and dread all day just waiting for the next meltdown, the next slammed the door and the next lot of tears. It was exhausting and relentless. Our home was not a happy one as I was frustrated, angry, impatient from being challenged by my son with every task being asked of him. I needed help, I needed strategies.
    Christine came highly recommended and I immediately felt at ease from our first session. I was met with empathy, sincerity, and kindness like no other.
    Week by week we worked through the Love and Logic course and week by week I could find my confidence as a parent slowly returning. I was given strategies that were achievable for me to implement and to my shock they worked!! and worked well!! What I loved most was Christine taught me not only how to implement positive and loving boundaries but also how to be a calm and empathetic parent. My biggest takeaway is that my kids didn’t need me to solve their problems they just needed me to listen and hear their worries. Allowing them the space to do this has empowered them to work through their worries on their own with me being their biggest supporter from the sidelines. I cannot thank Christine enough for her guidance and knowledge. What she can offer to parents is truly priceless.
    I could have gone on and on Christine! I honestly cannot thank you enough!!
    Jessica Carroll - Carrum, Vic

    Our 3 young granddaughters live interstate and so, we only get to spend time with them a couple of times a year. I have so appreciated being able to use some of the parenting tools when we do spend time with them, and was so excited that even in the limited time we spend with them that the tools really do work!

    In particular, giving the girls choices like, would you like to leave the park now or in 5 mins? Or, would you like to choose to eat dinner and then have dessert, or choose not to eat dinner and then not to have dessert?
    I have found using the principles, our relationship with our granddaughters has been strengthened and they feel loved, valued and respected.

    I highly recommend that grandparents do the Parenting Courses. Christine, from Teaching Kids For Life is an amazing facilitator, very knowledgeable on the subject of parenting with love and logic, she gives practical examples and scenarios on how to use the parenting principles in everyday life. This course really will help put the fun back into parenting and grandparenting!

    Linda Mainwaring - Lilydale, Vic

    After the birth of my second child my first child became very defiant and would not follow our instructions. My husband and I had a personalised consultation with Christine to work through some strategies we could use to address this undesirable behaviour and reduce the tension that was now filling our home.

    Christine was very thorough and took the time to understand our personal situation. In the time she was with us we gained some great insights into how to communicate more effectively with our son and how to establish boundaries in a calm and loving way. I am so pleased with the changes Christine’s coaching has brought about and I am looking forward to undertaking the full Teaching Kids for life course in the new year.

    Belinda - Croydon, Vic

    Going to a Teaching Kids for Life course using the Love and Logic™ material gave me valuable parenting tools and increased my confidence as a parent. We no longer have arguments in our home, and life is much more peaceful. I have learnt how to keep me under control, and am now parenting my 3 kids with more demonstrated love, and logical consequences.

    Jo McKay - Mooroolbark, Vic

    The Love and Logic™course I did with Christine from Teaching Kids was unlike any other parenting course I have ever done. I felt empowered and given the tools to tackle everyday issues and difficult situations with calmness and logic.

    The level of anger in my home has greatly reduced and I have learned to use words that diffuse conflicts and convey love. The best part of it all is that my two primary aged children are now in the regular habit of saving money, keeping their rooms tidy and helping out with family tasks such as unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming and hanging out washing.

    I’m so grateful for the gift of empowering my children to develop into helpful, contributing members of society who are able to make sound decisions themselves.

    Christine is a warm, engaging and articulate facilitator who has real-life experience and a passion for helping other parents. Every week she gave us examples of relevant situations with her own children and how she was able to bring about positive results.

    I would highly recommend this Teaching Kids course to every parent. It will change the way you see your children.

    Michelle - Mount Waverly, Vic

    Christine is one of the most genuine and compassionate people we have ever met. A few months ago, we just felt like giving up as parents-we had tried so hard and for so long, but nothing was working and our relationship with our kids was just getting worse everyday. Then Christine walked into our lives, and through sharing her experiences and insights, she helped us find tools to gradually change our lives for the better.
    We now enjoy our kids much more, and with these tools we can keep growing as parents, with the aim of raising and empowering our kids to grow into responsible and thoughtful adults. Christine has been instrumental in shaping our lives and she is an inspiration to us all. 

    Tony and Lydia - East Bentleigh

    We have had the privilege of attending the Love and Logic course earlier this year, and subsequently hosted the course for two groups. Having done the course twice, we can highly recommend doing it. It has really changed how we parent our children. There is much more Love in our home now and the kids (and ourselves) are learning what the Logical consequences to their actions are.

    Our kids are able to do so much more for themselves than we would have imaged a year ago. Christine has been so open and honest as a facilitator. She shares her Love and Logic journey in a way which empowers participants and gets them to think and be challenge. Thank you Christine for sharing parts of your life with us and for encouraging us to keep going with this parenting journey!

    Wayne Ngo - Ashburton

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