About Christine

I am a parent of 2 very strong-willed children, with some additional needs. My own parenting model was far from ideal which left me overwhelmed and unprepared to parent these 2 wonderful children. Reading several books on the subject and trying different techniques did not really work and made me feel more and more discouraged. Feeling powerless, I resorted to the rant, rave, rescue approach together with punishment to feel powerful and regain some kind of control. The cycle was anything but healthy and I felt like we were drowning, while the tension and arguing were escalating.

Learning the strategies of the Love and Logic TM approach, empowered me with a menu of options to navigate through their poor choices, whilst setting firm limits, and keeping heathy connection. Parenting was beginning to be the fun I had always hoped it would be.

My children, aged 13 and 10 are now learning to listen to an inside voice asking them, “How is my next decision going to impact me?” And having to live with the consequences of their choices. The value in this approach is that they may make many affordable small mistakes now, so as young adults and adults they are less likely to make tragic mistakes.

  • Independent Facilitator of the Parenting the Love and Logic™ curriculum
  • With a background of 15 years experience facilitating transformational growth
  • Chaplaincy Mental Health Certification
  • Passionate and experienced with working with kids with special needs
  • Mentoring and empowering individuals and families wanting to leave a legacy for the next generation
  • Chaplaincy Certification with Mental Health March 2017
  • Independent Facilitator of Becoming a Love and Logic™ parent curriculum
  • Certificate of Education Support-Intergration Aide, Teacher Aide 2016
  • Life Keys Facilitator and Trainer in supporting women through ‘Search for Significance’, ‘Women to Women family of origins’, and ‘Door of Hope’
  • Human Resources 1997
  • Diploma of Christian Ministries 1986
  • 5 years experience of Children’s Ministry
  • 10 years Mentoring women in business and personal life coaching
  • Current Working with Children ID
Christine Battams
Teaching Kids For Life Battams