About Christine Battams

I am a parent of two teenage children. My own parenting model was far from ideal which left me overwhelmed and unprepared to parent these 2 wonderful children. Reading several books on the subject and trying different techniques did not really work and made me feel more and more discouraged. I struggled with feelings of powerlessness, stress and anxiety. I felt like a failure as my core strength and confidence diminished. My decreased ability to tolerate stress and anxiety, (mine and my children) resulted in navigating prolonged periods of chaos in survival mode.

  • The road to transformation and strength began with realising:
  • The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem, so how do I change my relationship with the problem (anxiety, protest, disrespect, defiance and meltdowns)
  • The narrative that I believe about myself, due to my past or mistakes, does not define me. I worked on developing a healthier narrative of who I am, enabling me to grow past self-limiting beliefs and barriers.
  • There is always hope and options with mistakes, difficulties and tough circumstances.
  • Building intentional, daily and weekly,  wellbeing habits for self care and nurture to build core strength and confidence. This increased my ability to tolerate distress and to be empathetic.
  • Well-being, self-care, together with parenting skills gave me the capacity to tolerate my kids poor choices and anxiety.
Christine Battams Teaching Kids For Life
Focus Change:
  • Focus changed from changing my child to changing me.
  • I became strong and confident in what I would allow by using ‘I” statements and holding my kids accountable. (works well with Oppositional, anxious and defiant children too)
  • I allowed my kids to make poor choices( within age-appropriate reasonable limits). Allowing them to experience the weight of their choice, instead of rescuing them from making a poor choice.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Currently completing Masters degree in community counselling -parent focus Thesis
  • Creator of the Online Parenting Program ‘River of Hope’ – Strengthening parent wellbeing, core strength and confidence whilst skilling parents with proven practical tools.
  • NDIS Affiliated
  • Independent Facilitator of the Parenting the Love and Logic™ curriculum
  • 15 years of experience facilitating transformational growth with males and females
  • Chaplaincy Mental Health Certification
  • Passionate and experienced with working with kids with special needs (ASD, ADHD, PDA, ODD)
  • Mentoring and empowering individuals and families wanting to leave a legacy for the next generation
  • Chaplaincy Certification with Mental Health March 2017
  • Independent Facilitator of Becoming a Love and Logic™ parent curriculum
  • Certificate of Education Support-Integration Aide, Teacher Aide 2016
  • Life Keys Facilitator and Trainer in supporting women through ‘Search for Significance’, ‘Women to Women family of origins’, and ‘Door of Hope’
  • Human Resources 1997
  • Diploma 1986
  • 10 years Mentoring women in business and personal life coaching
  • Current Working with Children ID
Christine Battams Teaching Kids For Life
Teaching Kids For Life Battams