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About Christine Battams

As a professional counsellor and coach, Christine uses the ‘Trauma Informed Framework’ as the basis for interventions.

She has a Masters of Community Counselling, which provides the theoretical underpinnings which, combined with her extensive practical experience and profound understanding gathered over many years of counselling, enable her to form the innovative intervention program, ‘The River of Hope’.

This is a practical intervention and transformation program that she developed and has been key to successful outcomes in many varied situations over the years.


  •  Masters In Community Counselling (Master Comm Couns.) 2022
  • Attachment and Trauma Theory. 2020
  • Certified Shark Tank Facilitator.  Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Recovery. 2019
  • CHCMHS001 ‘Work with People with Mental health Issues’ CHCCCS016 ‘Respond to Clients Needs’. 2017

Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association Registered

Christine believes the transformation process is based on the following:


  • The person is not the problem – the problem is the problem – as a result, how do I change my relationship with the problem/s (anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, disrespect, defiance, meltdowns) needs to change, and with it a change in the understanding of the relationship with the child.
  • Develop a healthy self-narrative – the narrative one believes about themselves due to their past or mistakes does not define them. A person can develop a healthy narrative of who they are which enables them to grow past their self-limiting beliefs and barriers.
  • Provide hope through options – a lack of options defines hopelessness. Learn to operate and make decisions with support while navigating difficult and tough circumstances. This builds self-confidence and enables the strengthening of relationships. Learn to operate and make powerful decisions based on what’s within our control, without feeling guilty.
  • Build healthy habits – intentional, regular habits designed to develop personal well-being are necessary to build inner core strength and confidence. These increase the ability to tolerate disruptions/distress, and to be a calm thoughtful presence so necessary to a child’s healthy development.

These concepts together with mentored parenting skills, provide the capacity to tolerate children’s poor choices or behaviour. This process provides options to navigate/deal with anxiety which generates improved outcomes.

To bring this about, a focus change is required:

  • The parent will learn to focus on managing themselves, regardless of the child’s behaviour.

  • The parent will learn to become strong and confident in what is allowed by using ‘I” statements, and by holding children accountable (this approach also works well with high spirited, oppositional, anxious, and defiant children).
  • Children must be allowed to make poor choices (within age-appropriate safety limits). This allows them to experience the consequences of their poor choice/s, rather than rescuing them.
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