Term 1, 2020

Parenting the Love and Logic Way™

A six weeks parenting program putting the fun back into Parenting while Raising Resilient, Happy Kids.

Weekly practical skills and resources assisting with life changing outcomes for your family. Parenting strategies for all aged children, relevant and helpful for a range of families and situations.


Session One –  Putting an end to arguing, back talk and begging
Session Two  –  Teaching responsibility without losing their love
Session Three –  Setting limits without waging war
Session Four –  Avoiding Power struggles
Session Five –  Guiding kids to own and solve their problems
Session Six  – Teaching Kids to complete chores without reminders and without pay

Where: Ashburton

Time:   7.30-9.30pm

When: Wednesday Nights:
Jan 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4 & 11, 2020

Cost: Couple $300 includes shared manual, Single $260 Includes manual
And supported resources from the lending library.

For more information ring Christine on 0414 485 938 or visit www.teachingkids.com.au

We have had the privilege of attending the Love and Logic course earlier this year, and subsequently hosted the course for two groups. Having done the course twice, we can highly recommend doing it. It has really changed how we parent our children. There is much more Love in our home now and the kids (and ourselves) are learning what the Logical consequences to their actions are.

Our kids are able to do so much more for themselves than we would have imaged a year ago. Christine has been so open and honest as a facilitator. She shares her Love and Logic journey in a way which empowers participants and gets them to think and be challenge. Thank you Christine for sharing parts of your life with us and for encouraging us to keep going with this parenting journey!

Wayne Ngo – Ashburton

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FREE Information Sessions available in your area.

Free Information Night For Parents, Carers, GrandParents and Foster Parents

  • Do you want to Upgrade your parenting skills?
  • Do you struggle with argumentative, whining kids or disrespectful teens?
  • How would you like to decrease the tension with one line?
  • Are you exhausted and frustrated getting the kids to bed at night?
  • Would you like to enjoy less stressful evenings and feel more relaxed earlier in the evenings?
  • Is it a hassle getting the kids ready to leave on time in the mornings?
  • Would you enjoy having the kids do more and be ready when you want to leave?
  • Are your energy levels been drained experiencing tantrums around eating time or any other time?
  • Would you enjoy, more times, having children who are fun to be around

Teaching Kids For Life Puts the Fun Back into Parenting While raising resilient Happy Kids.

Take home practical techniques to experiment with.

Testimonial: Going to a Teaching Kids For Life course using the Love and LogicTM material gave me valuable parenting tools and increased my confidence as a parent. We no longer have arguments in our home, and life is much more peaceful. I have learnt how to keep me under control, and am now parenting my 3 kids with more demonstrated love, and logical consequences.  
(Jo McKay)


  • Do you struggle with argumentative, whining kids or disrespectful teens?

  • How would you like to de-escalate the tension with one line?

  • Are you exhausted and frustrated with getting the kids to bed at night?

  • Would you like to you enjoy your ‘me time’ earlier in the evening feeling more relaxed?

– We cannot control our kids choices but we can powerfully control ourselves, and allow our kids to learn from their mistakes

– We are able to facilitate our childrens’ ability to make powerful – choices to act responsibly and develop resilience

– Empathy opens the heart and mind to learn while anger and frustration builds a wall of defence

– When we solve all of our children’s problems, they become insecure and resentful. When we guide them toward solving their own problems, they become secure and respectful