Parent Counselling & Coaching

‘Teaching Kids for Life’ puts the fun back into parenting

Online or Face to Face Parent Counselling & Coaching

– Specific for your Individual and Family needs

Parent Counselling & Coaching

Helping You To become a Confident & Strong Parent Leader

Counselling Costs

  • 50 min session $100.00 (Online)
  • 60-70mins  $120.00 (Online)
  • Onsite Counselling session $150.00
  • NDIS Client Sessions

Payments can be made by Direct Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Prices include GST

Topics that can be covered in the Sessions

  • Trauma and unresolved issues from family of Origin
  • Explore well-being concepts to develop strength and capacity
  • Understanding the parent worry Cycle
  • Noticing tension and anxiety
  • Building capacity to tolerate distress
  • How do I change my relationship with the problem (Stress)
  • Develop Parenting skills for all different parenting seasons and circumstances
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Counselling & Coaching Sessions

  • 1 Hour or 2 Hour Sessions can be booked
  • Your sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly – daytime or evening – at a time convenient to you
  • All sessions are confidential
  • You will build core strength and capacity and skills personally and as a parent
  • Your story will be heard with no judgment
  • There will be an emphasis on you to feel safe, understood and known
  • Counselling can be online in the comfort of your own home or in person
  • Additional resources can be introduced as optional reading, listening
Put simply, every parent should complete this workshop with Christine.
I came to Christine – lost, exhausted, and all out of ideas on how to best support my son whilst he was facing a range of challenges. Every night I was enduring hours of protests, bedtime refusal, and emotional outbursts just to complete our regular routine of brushing our teeth and going to bed. I was then again met with the same level of meltdown every morning when having to get up and get ready for school. I was full of anxiety and dread all day just waiting for the next meltdown, the next slammed the door and the next lot of tears. It was exhausting and relentless. Our home was not a happy one as I was frustrated, angry, impatient from being challenged by my son with every task being asked of him. I needed help, I needed strategies.
Christine came highly recommended and I immediately felt at ease from our first session. I was met with empathy, sincerity, and kindness like no other.
Week by week we worked through the Love and Logic course and week by week I could find my confidence as a parent slowly returning. I was given strategies that were achievable for me to implement and to my shock they worked!! and worked well!! What I loved most was Christine taught me not only how to implement positive and loving boundaries but also how to be a calm and empathetic parent. My biggest takeaway is that my kids didn’t need me to solve their problems they just needed me to listen and hear their worries. Allowing them the space to do this has empowered them to work through their worries on their own with me being their biggest supporter from the sidelines. I cannot thank Christine enough for her guidance and knowledge. What she can offer to parents is truly priceless.
I could have gone on and on Christine! I honestly cannot thank you enough!!
Jessica Carroll - Carrum, Vic

February 2022

It has given my husband and I a united strategy with parenting. It gives me hope that we can nurture our children to become more caring, self-aware of their emotions and confidence while bringing us closer as a family.
Feel more in control when our kids are acting out. Have a consistent approach that works for us and that our kids are responding well to. Has helped to foster a stronger family unit where every member of the household contributes.
Nhi Tran

February 2022

I’m definitely looking at myself and my behaviour etc. I see a different perspective when problems occur and don’t make it my problem. Try to make my child take ownership of his own problem with more empathy.
I’m committing to alone time in the morning when there is less distraction and allows me to get in a better headspace to tackle the day.
Sue Ling Liew

February 2022