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8 Week Online Parenting Course

‘River of Hope’

Parenting Program 1, 2024

‘River of Hope Online Group Parenting Program’


  • Dates: Wednesday 1st May – Wednesday 19th June, 2024

  • Time: 7.45pm – 9.30pm (1 ¾ hours)

  • Online


8 Week Online Parenting Course Brief Outline

SESSION 1 & 2 Self-care wellbeing for the parent. Critical foundation. 

De-escalating protest, pushback and meltdowns. 

– The person is never the problem, the problem is the problem. How to become powerful and change my relationship with the problem.

SESSION 3 Who do I project my focus on-Me or my child(ren)?

Skills to come back to self and set loving limits. 
River of Hope - Parenting Courses Melbourne

SESSION 4 What do I notice about my tensions, worry and anxiety?

Where do I project my tension? Skills to deal with challenging behaviour from a calm place.

SESSION 5 What do I notice in my body, breathing and emotions when I experience stress or anxiety.

– Sharing control with your kids, within your value system. Giving kids agency and autonomy within age-appropriate limits. 

SESSION 6 Building connection and Resiliency with your child.

– Dealing with Trauma, Triggers, Overwhelm and Chronic stress – intimidation, accusation and blame. Developing Conflict skills to navigate kids’ perspectives that are different from ours.  

SESSION 7 Building connection through noticing sends the message – I hear you, I see you, I am with you. I am on your side.

– Building resiliency for our kids -facilitate our kids owning and solving their own problems.

SESSION 8 Fine-tune our kids to their inner voice and not just an outside voice

– Kids building skills and capacity to be resilient and responsible from within for requirements at home, work, school, and after school activities and events. 


What is a Parenting Course going to do for me?

  • To have more fun and enjoy your kids
  • To have kids who are less anxious and more resilient
  • To have skills to deal with resistance, protest, complaining and defiance
  • To live in a family where children are more respectful and responsible
  • To have greater connection and meaningful conversations with your teenager
  • To have respectful conversations
  • To have greater connection, safety and respect amongst your children
  • To take out some of the stresses of parenting
    • Sibling rivalry, Rudeness, disrespect, Chaotic morning or evening routine, Meltdowns, physical outbursts, destroying possessions and property, Defiance, Anxiety, school refusal, bullying and Screen time disrespect and addiction.

Mission: To empower parents with hope by strengthening their true self: building ongoing capacity to be confident in every season.

Purpose: To give parents who feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, proven practical tools to become a confident and strong parent leader – creating opportunities for connection and fun with themselves and their children.

Why, what is the benefit?

Define self and values. Grow in self-efficacy.Christine Battams from Teaching Kids for life Parenting programs Melbourne 1
Become strong with your true self -to be a loving and healthy parent leader.
Learn tools that empower you to be a strong loving leader
Increase capacity and resilience for you and your children
Increase opportunities for connection and fun with yourself and your children

For who: Parents struggling or dealing with:

  • Feeling confused, lost or disempowered
  • Shame, fear and anxiety
  • Triggering from past experiences-childhood or other
  • Just Surviving or living in chaos
  • Lack of identity and confidence
  • Reduced emotional or physical capacity

The metaphor for the course is “crossing the river-“ crossing the river – where we are currently, to becoming a strong parent leader.
This is for parents who are feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed that would like to become strong parent leaders.
It will incorporate a foundational wellbeing perspective of empowering parents to be able to tolerate stress, their kid’s poor choices, and anxiety.
It will provide a safe reflective environment of looking at one’s narrative by exploring their strengths.

Parents will:

  • Notice and explore their “worry” and gain understanding and tools of how they can manage it.
  • Begin to create daily habits of well-being
  • Understand if they are making their child the focus or themselves the project.
  • Explore the concept that people are never the problem, the problem is the problem.
  • Learn how to change a relationship with the problem?. (Self- awareness and setting limits)
  • Have solid pathways to build connection and fun with themselves and their children
  • Have skills to facilitate resilience and core self-confidence in their kids, whereby the kids are in tune to their inner voice and not just to the outside adult voice.

The course will:

  • Provide parents with concrete practical tools to disengage and not escalate an argument. Train and support parents to develop empathy and love to keep the lines of communication open.
  • Setting clear limits with ‘I’ statements.
  • Give choices that work within parents’ value systems whilst sharing the control with their children.
  • Build capacity, resilience and confidence in kids by giving kids tools to solve their own problems.
  • Give children the value of being powerful contributors and a sense of belonging with chores(contributions)

Parent Testimonials

  • Their capacity and strength have increased significantly
  • They have noticed where they have perpetuated the anxiety and worry cycle
  • Have intentionally practised and cultivated wellbeing habits that have significantly reduced their anxiety, monitoring and policing.
  • They have felt more powerful and equipped as they have focused on their responses and behaviour and not their child’s
  • They have noticed more healthy connections and less arguments
  • They have less stress, and more reasonable discussions with their children
  • They have stronger healthier boundaries

For more information ring Christine on 0414 485 938

‘River of Hope’ – Online Parenting Course Outline River of Hope - Parenting Courses Melbourne

SESSION 1  – Well being – Self-Care continuum

  • Exploring the concept of self-care and understanding beliefs of selfishness and selflessness will be the starting point to align parents with strengths to further discover their true self and values.
  • The process will strengthen parents’ capacity to take better care of themselves, as they invest in their well-being and mental health.
  • Consequently, parents will become more resilient as they respect themselves which will overflow into their parenting.

SESSION 2  – What problems exist and how do I change relationships with the problem

  • Exploring concepts of our narrative. Looking at strengths. Looking at the concept- “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem”.
  • What problems exist and how do I change relationships with the problem. Externalising problems empowers a parent, or individual to change the relationship with the problem.
  • The process of becoming strong and building capacity.
  • Exploring Practical one-line responses that deescalate, or better still, end protests and arguments.

SESSION 3 – Who do I project my focus on-Me or my child(ren)?

  • Understanding the ‘worry cycle’ that increases agitation, defensiveness and anxiety.
  • What am I going to do to increase my resilience in making me the focus and not my child?
  • Exploring calming strategies to tolerate distress in order to bring the best of ourselves to situations and circumstances. Further developments of calming strategies.
  • Developing one-liner empathy statements that build connection whilst setting limits.
  • Having your children restore your energy levels – ”Draining energy “ technique and other ideas for holding kids accountable for poor choices. The child’s poor choice is the ‘bad guy’, not the parent.

SESSION 4   – What do I notice about my tensions, worry and anxiety

  • Where do I project my tension? In avoidance or on my child?
  • What do I need to do more to tolerate my child’s anxiety, poor choices and being upset with me?
  • Further development and exploration of well being and nurture.
  • The power of using ‘I’ statements instead of ‘You’ statements.
  • The parent focuses on their values.


SESSION 5  – What do I notice in my body, breathing and emotions when I experience stress or anxiety

  • Am I self-aware when I am anxious or relationally offline?
  • What calming strategies help me physically, emotionally and psychologically.
  • Teaching parents the power of sharing control and giving choices to reduce unwinnable power struggles.
  • Sharing control within your value system helps your child with peer pressure and keeps the connection.

SESSION 6 – Building connection and resiliency with your child 

  • We teach people how to treat us- How to deal with intimidation, accusation, blame and manipulation
  • How to live from your true/ core self
  • How to understand and work with the unmet needs of the triggered self
  • Creating a plan and accessing resources to become self-aware and powerful

SESSION 7 – Building connection through noticing sends the message – I hear you, I see you, I am with you. I am on your side

  • Building connection and resiliency with your child through noticing sends the message – I hear you, I see you, I am with you and I am on your side
  • Building resiliency for our kids to own and solve their own problems.
  • Working with a proven scaffold to facilitate pathways for resilience.

SESSION 8 – Fine tune your kids to their inner voice and not just an outside voice

  • Strengthening an inner connection to their true authentic self – leads to Increased confidence and resilience.
  • Building a sense of belonging that everyone is a powerful contributor in the family.
  • Having kids complete chores without reminders and pay. Parents upskilling their children to become responsible in the family, and their future relationships as an employee and community member.

Course Structure

  • 8 x 2 Hourly Weekly Sessions – 16 Hours
  • Interactive Miro whiteboard brainstorming – access to this for the duration of the course
  • Combination of google slides, video clips, interaction and personal stories
  • Course leaders share personal experiences
  • Practical tools and tips and exercises
  • Fun practice time with group participants
  • Follow up on previous session experiments
  • Fun interactive community of parents
  • Additional resources will be introduced as optional reading, listening
  • The lessons are taught online in the comfort of your own home

Course Investment

Put simply, every parent should complete this workshop with Christine.
I came to Christine – lost, exhausted, and all out of ideas on how to best support my son whilst he was facing a range of challenges. Every night I was enduring hours of protests, bedtime refusal, and emotional outbursts just to complete our regular routine of brushing our teeth and going to bed. I was then again met with the same level of meltdown every morning when having to get up and get ready for school. I was full of anxiety and dread all day just waiting for the next meltdown, the next slammed the door and the next lot of tears. It was exhausting and relentless. Our home was not a happy one as I was frustrated, angry, impatient from being challenged by my son with every task being asked of him. I needed help, I needed strategies.
Christine came highly recommended and I immediately felt at ease from our first session. I was met with empathy, sincerity, and kindness like no other.
Week by week we worked through the Love and Logic course and week by week I could find my confidence as a parent slowly returning. I was given strategies that were achievable for me to implement and to my shock they worked!! and worked well!! What I loved most was Christine taught me not only how to implement positive and loving boundaries but also how to be a calm and empathetic parent. My biggest takeaway is that my kids didn’t need me to solve their problems they just needed me to listen and hear their worries. Allowing them the space to do this has empowered them to work through their worries on their own with me being their biggest supporter from the sidelines. I cannot thank Christine enough for her guidance and knowledge. What she can offer to parents is truly priceless.
I could have gone on and on Christine! I honestly cannot thank you enough!!
Jessica Carroll - Carrum, Vic

It has given my husband and I a united strategy with parenting. It gives me hope that we can nurture our children to become more caring, self-aware of their emotions and confidence while bringing us closer as a family.
Feel more in control when our kids are acting out. Have a consistent approach that works for us and that our kids are responding well to. Has helped to foster a stronger family unit where every member of the household contributes.
Nhi Tran - Croydon, Vic

River of Hope - Parenting Courses Melbourne

Please note that the minimum number of participants for this course is 6 and the maximum number of participants is 12.