Significantly decrease anxiety, stress and arguing • Increase window of tolerance of self-regulation • Experience more calm responses with confidence • Set and keep and enforce boundaries that you can control • Build skills and pathways of strong loving engaging connections • Consider options calmly when dealing with unwanted or undesirable behaviour • Focus on your well-being and happiness first without feeling guilty • Facilitate pathways of resiliency in your kids • Have a lot more help with contributions around the home.

Discovery Call


✔ Discovery Call – With Christine (30mins)


Have a question or need some advice? Take advantage of a 30 min sessions with Christine.
During this session, you will meet with Christine to talk through your question regarding a parenting or relational struggle you would like to discuss. Our goal in these short sessions is to help you gain clarity, connection and growth in your relationships.
***These calls are only one per client, after one call you will need to purchase a package to meet again. 

Foundation Engagement Package


✔ River of Hope 8 week Parenting Course. (online)

✔ 3 x 15 Minute Calls Over the 8 Sessions with Christine

✔ Bonus: The Confident Parent booklet valued $25.00


Connect with parents – You are not alone
Establish community with parents who want to grow
Receive support in the group
Investment $395 (Per Family)


VIP Group Engagement Package


✔ River of Hope 8 week Parenting Course. (Online)

✔ Receive 5 Private Coaching Sessions.


Connect with parents -You are not alone in your challenges.
Share and connect with other parents in a safe place
Receive private 1:1 session coaching to accelerate growth in you and your family dynamics
Investment $1390 (Per Family)

Core Transformation Private Coaching Package


Don’t want to be in a group?


✔ 8 Individual Coaching Sessions 60 – 90 mins (Online)

✔ Bonus: Includes up to 2 internal family systems therapy sessions: valued $300


Tailored specifically for your personal and family needs.
Receive extra support with triggers and internal therapy sessions
Investment $960 (Total Value $1260)

“My focus has shifted during the course, I can see my self, my child and the problem as separate entities. I can see it all like a drone hovering above the situation. This perspective has helped me be calmer and thoughtful of my words and actions in response to a drama.”

“There’s been tremendous growth in myself, and in my kids! I have seen my older 2 kids model my previous anxious self and it’s been a good wakeup call for me to change and role model to them calmness! I’m teaching them skills that I have learnt in the course to manage our own emotions and responses”.

“I feel that over this course, you have given me permission to look inward – to reflect and examine why I behave/respond the way I do, why I feel so much discomfort when interacting with kids and setting boundaries, and why I have certain automatic triggers (my programming). This has led to some profound revelations in my life which has gone beyond just parenting. Thank you”

I’m definitely looking at myself and my behaviour etc. I see a different perspective when problems occur and don’t make it my problem. Try to make my child take ownership of his own problem with more empathy.
I’m committing to alone time in the morning when there is less distraction and allows me to get in a better headspace to tackle the day.

Christine Battams has over 28 Years experience teaching kids