A fortnight ago, we planned to go to the Viking exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, and after reading the reviews and chatting with 2 families we decided to alter our course. As we entered the fringes of the city, my son spotted an eagle painted on a wall, and this led him to express his interest in street art and inquired if we could go around Melbourne and explore the varied impressions and creativity of the city’s  street art. As we googled street art locations, it was interesting to discover that Melbourne is known as one of the world’s greatest street art capitals for its unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations throughout the city.

Our Journey that Sunday afternoon came about as my son tapped into something that awakened desire. It would have been so easy for us to dismiss his simple and “out the box” request, but we decided to explore his awakening. As a family it proved to be a very rich experience, as we drove and strolled down streets in Fitzroy and Collingwood, and discovered such diversity of talent, ingenuity, expertise and skill. As a family we were amazed at the proficiency and effort these artists worked hard to achieve. My daughter who has very different interests captured an opportunity to develop the “perfect” shot on my camera which further synergised the experience with her brother and for all of us as a family.

At the dinner table that night we shared a time of gratitude reflecting on our highs and lows for the weekend, everyone in their own way expressed their enjoyment and appreciation of exploring the street art journey and for the gift of creativity.

Christine Battams Teaching Kids For Life BWHow do you connect with your own heart? As parents we need to know what brings our heart alive, and give ourselves permission to enter it. I am reminded that on all flights, part of the instructions is to attend to ourselves first and then to our kids. I know for many years I didn’t do that and gave myself the leftovers, feeling exhausted and frustrated which had spilled over on my kids.

Again last Saturday, I connected with my heart with lots of rest, reading, a relaxing bath, and meditation. This prepared me to be able to generously connect with my son’s awakening desire.
As parents we want to love our kids and our hope is that they feel loved and connected to. An important part in developing a strong loving connection is to know there specific love language and to tap into it.
There are typically 5 love languages.
1. Acts of Service – What makes them really feel loved is when you do something for them.
2. Words of Affirmation-Using words to affirm your child.
3. Gifts-A gift says that my parent was thinking about me today.
4. Physical Touch-to this child nothing means more than intentional appropriate touch
5. Quality Time-Giving our child our undivided attention

As a parent of 2 adolescents I am aware that every day it is important to connect with my heart, and give myself permission to give my soul what it needs and secondly, to connect with my childs heart and to intentionally deposit in their emotional tank so that they feel loved.

This week:
1. Give yourself permission to BE and connect with your heart and soul.
2. Make it a priority to attend to your souls needs to feed it life.
3. Intentionally choose one thing you can do to deposit into your child’s heart.

Hope you have fun in the birthing of desire and how it builds connection in your family.

Let me know your thoughts.